Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone , may all your wishes come treu in the next to come , may you reach succes in everything you do and live life to the fullest.

I’m writing from a different place It´s Amsterdam. And at the 31st of December Amsterdam turns into a Fireworks show.So every half an hour I get to enjoy the fireworks in the air. I won’t be going outside though. I’m deadky affraid of those things plus my mother thinks it’s wasting money. Because you actually spend your money on something that explodes in the air in 10 , 16 seconds and then it’s over I also don’t appreciate the fact that some people just act recless with those things leading to the hospital leading to loss of hearing or sight. Is that all worth a pretty moment? I definitely don’t think so. It’s beautifull , but dangerous. I’m scared to go outside just because I’m scared of some firework going the wrong way shooting in to me which may lead to loss of any hand foot etc.etc.

So let me tell you all about how I spend New Years Eve , We are visiting some verry close friends in amsterdam who actually have a kind off small New Year Party.

So there is

Jaques(Husband of Nina)

Nina(Friend of Mom)

Lubo (Son of Nina’

Krasi (Friend of Nina)

Dimitar (Husband of Krasi)

Peter (Son of Krasi and Dimitar)

Ivan (Son of Krasi and Dimitar)

My Mum (Friend of Nina)

Me (Daughter of My Mum’

Donka (Mother of Nina)

Lubo senior (Father of Nina)

Pavlina (My Mothers Aunt)

So lett me tell you how we plann this thing

Ivan , Peter and Lubo spend the whole evening playing playstation he has some kind of new game James Bond

Mu aunt,Dimitar,Krasi,My Mum, Donka, Lubo senior., Nina and Jaques are hanging in the kitchen

And here’s me seeing the oppurtunity to blog you guys

So once Again

Happy New Year and best wishes


Best Wishes

Happy New Year may all be mary and bright



Don’t melt down mister Snowman

Today I have a cold……. Wanna know why? I spent an hour outside yesterday building this really pretty and realistic snowman. Just to find out that he melted this morning. Could somebody have told me this in advance. The answer is probably : NO. However I felt really sad today just because of  this stupid snowman I spent an hour building.  I picked up my Aunt from the airport today. Actually she’s my mothers Aunt but I’ve got the right to call her Aunt too. Just because I couldn’t think of any other name to call this relative of mine. The upside of being ill and being sick is : Mum said I could stay home tomorow. YAY. I feel kinda tired right now like I could fall asleep every moment. Probably because of the illness. Funny thing is : My mum saw I was getting a cold earlier like last Thursday and Friday. She said it was better to not go to school I wanted to go because Thursday we visited a theatre performance wich was one of the awesomenest EVER  and Friday we had a volleyball tournament and I felt like I simply couldn’t let my team down. I’m not to good at the physical part but admit it… I have a hell of a Teamspirit. I should become chearleader.  But however we lost that volleyball tournament we didn’t win anny game. One game we had to play against 2 people and we were with four those 2 people were a Teacher and his student. This student was like so hot I was like going Mila- Drama all over the place.  Was getting all warm inside I’m sure it was verry strange to see.  However I’m staying home tomorow but I remembered I was suposed to give the results tomorow from the Litle Prince. I’ve already got a team of actors sett I just need to tell them they are in my team. My first directing experience so wish me goodluck

R.I.P Mister Snowman my memorable friend

Hugs Kisses


Mister Snowman

This Photo's kinda dark , However I'm kissing Mister Snowman