Mister Charming

Spring Love

This is what I got when I typed in Spring Love

So i’m dealing with another I-Need-A-B0yfriend phase , yes I know it’s annoying that i’m blabing here about how much I would like to meet the perfect guy etc.etc.etc….. But if you don’t like that , You might as well stop reading it’s easy just click on the X on the right corner of your screen and you will be out of here before you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidosious

Now I have this window for my own , I just need to do this , it’s not that I am desperate or don’t respect myself it’s just that i’m a bit obsessed with this treu love thing.

And I need to find myself a new activity and someone to talk to now that I’ve heard that my theatregroup was just ripped apart from me by my mum. I don’t blame her , it’s just a thing I love , a thing with people who were actually my friends.  So guess what you’ve become my blog has become my new activity. I would love to post my written stories and plays here. Thing is my english grammar sucks….. and my plays and stories are all in Dutch.

So let’s talk about Mister Charming , My newest victim of the month. He’s not exactly handsome , but hey … I don’t actually look for handsomeness like I sometimes say : Beauty comes from the inside. I’ve been going alot to the Fitnes centre lately , Not because I have nothing to do. It has become my new circle of friends or at least aquaintances it has also become the scene of my new victim. He does his internship at the fitness center , also my long lost primary school friend does her internship there as a adminstrational worker and she kicks as at it. Everytime I go to fitness I spend at least one hour talking to her , about him , about her love , about tv …. pretty much everything we can think of.  However let’s get down to the main topic : The boy.

Now the boy has no muscles at all he’s quite long wich can be kind of a deal breaker because I don’t want to stand on something everytime I kiss him. He’s into sports BASKETBAL wich is kind off an awesome sport. When I asked my friend about how I should aproach a date she said: “Find something you have in common” the first thought that popped into my head was “BASKETBAL” so then she said “Challenge him to a basketball duel and say you’ll kick his ass”.Now we all now what is going to happen , then I’m going to lose , and my dignity will be damaged. The next thing was “Go watch his Basketbalmatch” And I was like “YEAH”. I’m not good in sports but I sure have that TEAM SPIRIT (LET’S HEAR IT) . So I don’t have any problem at all cheering for him from the side , no problem at all in fact it’s my most preferable position.  Today he noticed me on the bike in the fitness centre and he fired me up treid to motivate me . And I was like “Do you seriously think I can do this” and he was like motivating me and he said “I want to see that when you have had 17 minutes you’ve cycled 3 kilometres” wich is one hell of a cycling trip. So i was cycling , cycling , cycling then I noticed it’s passed 5 , and his shift finishes at five so I went to the reception asked if my friend had seen him , and she said that he had left. What the hell hapened to the checking up bit? I was proud and I wanted to boast about it to him , not that he would be impressed.

Funny Thing happened to me this week:

In school we are suposed to make a comic play about some dramatical situation someone’s dead etc.etc.etc. So I’m the one who’s dead but I get to leave one video message , I had my text written on a paper. I left it on the table. Clearly my mother found the thing , and She was scared I was having suicidal ideas. So I explained to her that I think my life’s perfect with his pro’s and cons .

Sweetness Sugar bought this week

– Xenos snoep bak 2,50

– Ben and Jerry’s Cookie dough ice cream

– Doritos Cool American

– Almhof Chocolate Mous

– Cream puffs

– Energie drink

2 days of illnes 5  calorie filled things how am I ever going to get thin

Thanks for reading this