Oulet for Cropped up feelings over here

So today I’m going to tell you a story about a Boy a cat and a wicked Witch. It all began with a party a good organized fairytale-themed party. Because I wasn’t in to shopping back then I just took my old witch had , stole my mums black dress with permision and did my eyeliner in a way that only I can do. That was the night I met “Puss in Boots” also known as Samuel to me. The most gorgeous looking vampire-ish guy in the whole wide world. So I was like all myself and things and we had funn. He even kissed me. Bad thing is he left… That night he had to leave the party earlier and I was like screaming after him “Will I ever see you again” and his friend was like “I’m Pretty sure of that” Well his friend was wrong. I had been stalking him for days after that , just to get one litle response like maybe “Hi” . I got a whole hyves message saying all sensible stuff… and ending with “I’m not ready for a relationship yet”. Ugh… I hate that sort of people. People who make you go all mad , and then leave you. However today I’m more down than evver want to know why? I FOUND HIS GIRLFRIEND ON FACEBOOK. And May I say that they make such a great couple she’s atractive like hell not in a barbie-way but in a intelligent way. I can’t live up to that , I could never. He seems to be having funn to0, He had a birthday yesterday , I congratulated him. I don’t know if you ever tried it but keeping your feelings to yourself while they are terribly strong , It’s impossible. I’m ready to find my happy ending , but it’s not ready to find me. Been searching for love for years…. stil haven”t found it. I WANT IT NOW



See wat I mean with atractive



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