Since When did Flirting become a crime?

Hiya Bloggers,

I was at fitness today and I was working out. Just doing cardio losing weight , and all that other stuff. I was ready and sitting at the open bar drinking my cup of tea when I noticed these two boys. Around my age I would guess even younger. I was looking , just looking I swear and then one of them looked back so I looked away. After a Minute they stood closer to me and I was like “WHAT THE HECK” If this is his way of flirting he will have to do much better than that. But I guess we are stuck in a time when Flirting is forbidden.  They don’t flirt because they are affraid of their friends making funn of them. So they go all macho and try to impress us. Tell you what, if you’re a guy and you are reading this:

Sure you can look at us It will make us feel flustered and atractive. But if you really want to get something going on , I think we ladies apreciate spontanity , Just go over and say Hi.

The more I stay in this Fitnes centre , the atractive men I see . It’s great to see their muscels , masculine menn. Ofcourse again : SOOOOOO out of my league! Damn Why ain’t I a barbie I’m sure they would fall for me if I was a dumb blondine with no brains or whatsoever , wearing heels , and wearing so much make-up it almost looks like a mask. Stupid Dumb Litle dolls who have a tons of followers just because her followers have no mind of their own. It’s almost like a Bee Hive.Where did the taste in women of our men go : Big Boobs , High Heels , and Housework. Instead of intelligent independable women they prefer a slut who is good in bed. Seriously …is that what it’s all about?


Prefer Sluts over independable intelligent women



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