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Spring Love

This is what I got when I typed in Spring Love

So i’m dealing with another I-Need-A-B0yfriend phase , yes I know it’s annoying that i’m blabing here about how much I would like to meet the perfect guy etc.etc.etc….. But if you don’t like that , You might as well stop reading it’s easy just click on the X on the right corner of your screen and you will be out of here before you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidosious

Now I have this window for my own , I just need to do this , it’s not that I am desperate or don’t respect myself it’s just that i’m a bit obsessed with this treu love thing.

And I need to find myself a new activity and someone to talk to now that I’ve heard that my theatregroup was just ripped apart from me by my mum. I don’t blame her , it’s just a thing I love , a thing with people who were actually my friends.  So guess what you’ve become my blog has become my new activity. I would love to post my written stories and plays here. Thing is my english grammar sucks….. and my plays and stories are all in Dutch.

So let’s talk about Mister Charming , My newest victim of the month. He’s not exactly handsome , but hey … I don’t actually look for handsomeness like I sometimes say : Beauty comes from the inside. I’ve been going alot to the Fitnes centre lately , Not because I have nothing to do. It has become my new circle of friends or at least aquaintances it has also become the scene of my new victim. He does his internship at the fitness center , also my long lost primary school friend does her internship there as a adminstrational worker and she kicks as at it. Everytime I go to fitness I spend at least one hour talking to her , about him , about her love , about tv …. pretty much everything we can think of.  However let’s get down to the main topic : The boy.

Now the boy has no muscles at all he’s quite long wich can be kind of a deal breaker because I don’t want to stand on something everytime I kiss him. He’s into sports BASKETBAL wich is kind off an awesome sport. When I asked my friend about how I should aproach a date she said: “Find something you have in common” the first thought that popped into my head was “BASKETBAL” so then she said “Challenge him to a basketball duel and say you’ll kick his ass”.Now we all now what is going to happen , then I’m going to lose , and my dignity will be damaged. The next thing was “Go watch his Basketbalmatch” And I was like “YEAH”. I’m not good in sports but I sure have that TEAM SPIRIT (LET’S HEAR IT) . So I don’t have any problem at all cheering for him from the side , no problem at all in fact it’s my most preferable position.  Today he noticed me on the bike in the fitness centre and he fired me up treid to motivate me . And I was like “Do you seriously think I can do this” and he was like motivating me and he said “I want to see that when you have had 17 minutes you’ve cycled 3 kilometres” wich is one hell of a cycling trip. So i was cycling , cycling , cycling then I noticed it’s passed 5 , and his shift finishes at five so I went to the reception asked if my friend had seen him , and she said that he had left. What the hell hapened to the checking up bit? I was proud and I wanted to boast about it to him , not that he would be impressed.

Funny Thing happened to me this week:

In school we are suposed to make a comic play about some dramatical situation someone’s dead etc.etc.etc. So I’m the one who’s dead but I get to leave one video message , I had my text written on a paper. I left it on the table. Clearly my mother found the thing , and She was scared I was having suicidal ideas. So I explained to her that I think my life’s perfect with his pro’s and cons .

Sweetness Sugar bought this week

– Xenos snoep bak 2,50

– Ben and Jerry’s Cookie dough ice cream

– Doritos Cool American

– Almhof Chocolate Mous

– Cream puffs

– Energie drink

2 days of illnes 5  calorie filled things how am I ever going to get thin

Thanks for reading this



Oulet for Cropped up feelings over here

So today I’m going to tell you a story about a Boy a cat and a wicked Witch. It all began with a party a good organized fairytale-themed party. Because I wasn’t in to shopping back then I just took my old witch had , stole my mums black dress with permision and did my eyeliner in a way that only I can do. That was the night I met “Puss in Boots” also known as Samuel to me. The most gorgeous looking vampire-ish guy in the whole wide world. So I was like all myself and things and we had funn. He even kissed me. Bad thing is he left… That night he had to leave the party earlier and I was like screaming after him “Will I ever see you again” and his friend was like “I’m Pretty sure of that” Well his friend was wrong. I had been stalking him for days after that , just to get one litle response like maybe “Hi” . I got a whole hyves message saying all sensible stuff… and ending with “I’m not ready for a relationship yet”. Ugh… I hate that sort of people. People who make you go all mad , and then leave you. However today I’m more down than evver want to know why? I FOUND HIS GIRLFRIEND ON FACEBOOK. And May I say that they make such a great couple she’s atractive like hell not in a barbie-way but in a intelligent way. I can’t live up to that , I could never. He seems to be having funn to0, He had a birthday yesterday , I congratulated him. I don’t know if you ever tried it but keeping your feelings to yourself while they are terribly strong , It’s impossible. I’m ready to find my happy ending , but it’s not ready to find me. Been searching for love for years…. stil haven”t found it. I WANT IT NOW



See wat I mean with atractive


Since When did Flirting become a crime?

Hiya Bloggers,

I was at fitness today and I was working out. Just doing cardio losing weight , and all that other stuff. I was ready and sitting at the open bar drinking my cup of tea when I noticed these two boys. Around my age I would guess even younger. I was looking , just looking I swear and then one of them looked back so I looked away. After a Minute they stood closer to me and I was like “WHAT THE HECK” If this is his way of flirting he will have to do much better than that. But I guess we are stuck in a time when Flirting is forbidden.  They don’t flirt because they are affraid of their friends making funn of them. So they go all macho and try to impress us. Tell you what, if you’re a guy and you are reading this:

Sure you can look at us It will make us feel flustered and atractive. But if you really want to get something going on , I think we ladies apreciate spontanity , Just go over and say Hi.

The more I stay in this Fitnes centre , the atractive men I see . It’s great to see their muscels , masculine menn. Ofcourse again : SOOOOOO out of my league! Damn Why ain’t I a barbie I’m sure they would fall for me if I was a dumb blondine with no brains or whatsoever , wearing heels , and wearing so much make-up it almost looks like a mask. Stupid Dumb Litle dolls who have a tons of followers just because her followers have no mind of their own. It’s almost like a Bee Hive.Where did the taste in women of our men go : Big Boobs , High Heels , and Housework. Instead of intelligent independable women they prefer a slut who is good in bed. Seriously …is that what it’s all about?


Prefer Sluts over independable intelligent women


La Cage aux Folles

So since the last few hours i’ve been obsessed with the dutch version of “La Cage Aux Folles” I know it’s about travestites and things. But it’s also about being different , and I consider myself as rather different . I’m trying to learn the songs by heart so I’m repeating each song a hunderd times just to memorize everything. I so totally want to see the musical. I’ll have to earn money to do that 😦 …

These musicals are so expensive nowadays and they even think about raising the prizes. They’ve put up A campange against raising the prizes It’s called “Nederland schreeuwt om cultuur” Or roughly translated : Holland is Screaming for Culture. I immediately singed the petition I off many persons would know who bloody expensive it is to go see a theater performance or concert.

Nederland schreeuwt om Cultuur

Nederland schreeuwt om culu8utr- Carice van Houten


However I will put some songs of the Dutch version of La Cage Aux Folles underneath



Wij zijn wat we zijn- Korte Versie

Wij zijn wat we zijn

En wat we zijn is een illusive

T’is allemaal spel , wees niet te snel met je conclussie

Het leven is onredelijk en hard en bitter

Het leven is net opgetuigd met gouden glitters

Kijk onder die Rok

Geintje of Bok

Kijk maar we zijn wat we zijn

Dus kijk vivant en kont vierkant en rond

Kijk maar we zijn wat we zijn

John Van Eerd- Ik ben wat ik ben

Ik ben wat ik ben. Ik ben mijn hoogsteigen creatie.
Dus kies het maar uit: Krijg ik gefluit of een ovatie?
Hier sta ik en ik wil gewoon een beetje stralen.
Maar ik zal mijn leven echt wel zelf bepalen.
Half namaak, nou en, kijk, dit ben ik.
Kijk dan, ik ben wat ik ben.

Ik ben wat ik ben en wat ik ben, laat zich niet dwingen.
Zo klinkt mijn muziek, vind je het niks? Ik vind het swingen!
En oh, God, ik weet best dat het maar klater koud is.
So what? Wie bepaald hier wat er goed of fout is?
Vriend, vijand of fan. Ik schreeuw het uit.
Kijk dan, ik ben wat ik ben.

Ik ben wat ik ben! Dit is mijn lijf, dit is mijn leven.
Geen schaamte, geen spijt.
Nooit een excuus. Niet te vergeven.
Dus haat mij, ha, maar je moet me van de bühne schoppen.
Laat mij, want dit meisjeshart blijft eeuwig kloppen.
Kijk dan! Ik beken. Dit ben ik echt.
Kijk dan, ik ben wat ik ben!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone , may all your wishes come treu in the next to come , may you reach succes in everything you do and live life to the fullest.

I’m writing from a different place It´s Amsterdam. And at the 31st of December Amsterdam turns into a Fireworks show.So every half an hour I get to enjoy the fireworks in the air. I won’t be going outside though. I’m deadky affraid of those things plus my mother thinks it’s wasting money. Because you actually spend your money on something that explodes in the air in 10 , 16 seconds and then it’s over I also don’t appreciate the fact that some people just act recless with those things leading to the hospital leading to loss of hearing or sight. Is that all worth a pretty moment? I definitely don’t think so. It’s beautifull , but dangerous. I’m scared to go outside just because I’m scared of some firework going the wrong way shooting in to me which may lead to loss of any hand foot etc.etc.

So let me tell you all about how I spend New Years Eve , We are visiting some verry close friends in amsterdam who actually have a kind off small New Year Party.

So there is

Jaques(Husband of Nina)

Nina(Friend of Mom)

Lubo (Son of Nina’

Krasi (Friend of Nina)

Dimitar (Husband of Krasi)

Peter (Son of Krasi and Dimitar)

Ivan (Son of Krasi and Dimitar)

My Mum (Friend of Nina)

Me (Daughter of My Mum’

Donka (Mother of Nina)

Lubo senior (Father of Nina)

Pavlina (My Mothers Aunt)

So lett me tell you how we plann this thing

Ivan , Peter and Lubo spend the whole evening playing playstation he has some kind of new game James Bond

Mu aunt,Dimitar,Krasi,My Mum, Donka, Lubo senior., Nina and Jaques are hanging in the kitchen

And here’s me seeing the oppurtunity to blog you guys

So once Again

Happy New Year and best wishes


Best Wishes

Happy New Year may all be mary and bright


Hoping you get better soon

Heya guys,

Like I said I’m ill. Got down with something two days ago. Now I’m stuck here at home. And to be honest…it’s quite boring. I don’t have anything to do except blogging and stalking you guys. Now I have to spend the day with my Aunt and I know she will be too busy cleaning this apartment to pay any atention te me. I spent my day drinking tea and watching Glee playing “”It Girl” on facebook and just blogging you guys…

Isn’t that just Great

Hopinh you don’t get ill during the hollidays



Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Excupery

This year I’m doing this Major project. I’m organising a litle stage version of the Ltile prince. Ofcourse I could not call it “The litle prince” because that would be plagiarism. However I called it “Grote mensen zeggen wat ze willen” or roughly translated “Big people can say what they want”. I chose this title because the book is all about making funn of adults “Big people”. Last Tuesday I did the auditions and there were certainly a few people who stood out in the crowd.

#1 Sander As:  the Litle Prince

It’s a really stupid thing I based on when I was thinking of giving Sander the role of the litle prince. He’s little and he’s inocent apearance would really come in handy. However when he was reading he was kind of hapering , I really hope that happering goes away when he learns his lines because if that isn’t so I would be so totaly screwed

#2 Merel as: The Rose

Now it’s a verry small part. It’s also a verry important part at least : That’s the way I see it. I had her in mind from the verry begining. I’m best friends with her older sister and when I saw her , her red-like her and her bleu eyes they just had “It”  something a rose must have. Actually you can say that she didn’t even have to audition

#3 Samantha as : The King

When she walked in , I thought that she was nothinh special but when I asked her to read the part of the King for me I was fairly surprised. Such arrogance such confidence such air. I was impressed from that moment on. Later I heard that she takes Acting lessons , That doesn’t suprise me.

#4 Anne- Roos as: The Conceited Man

Anne- Roos was serious the only serious one in her group first I had the king in ming and then I thought that the Conceited Man and The King are verry much alike they are both arrogant and want to be adored

#5 Jiska as: The Fox

Now Jiska was a verry shy girl at first. I had the part of the fox for somebody else in mind somebody who i thought would be verry suitable. But when I saw Jiska and she began to read. I was sold.

#6 David as: The narator

My most advanced actor. Not that the rest is not advanced but he is the most advanced. Me and David go a way back we went to the same theatre school together. I insisted on having him as my Narrator . I begged him for weeks , and weeks. Untill he finaly gave in under two conditions

He had to get hours for it& His best friend (Jesse Van Driel) would be auditioning to

#7 Niels as : The businesmann

In my eyes , the businesman had to talk fast. He was rather bussy and didn’t really want to talk. So when I asked Niels to speed it up a bit he did . And it was great : Yet Fast , Yet verry understandable

#8 Jesse as : The Geographer / The Drunkard

I had heard a lot of stories about Jesse. I knew he was the son of the drama teacher. I know his acting qualities were beyond compare. But I also heard that he could be rather arrogant and bitchy sometimes. So I was verry carefull with my decision. It al began when I handed him the Audition Note. I screamed “Jesse” he looked and I gave him the note he smiled and said thanks. He was the last of our auditors just because he didn’t have time so we needed to stay late just for Jesse. But I must admit He’s a keeper 😉

Made By: Me

Poster of the Litle Prince


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